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Opportunities with Rocket Digital Media

Our franchise history…

Our first franchise, was sold in the autumn of 2013. The magazine has seen a major return on investment, and currently advertises in excess of sixty small to medium sized businesses.

Since the magazine was created we have grown an organic following of over 1,000 followers on social media, and have developed lasting relationships within the local community. This includes press contacts and local organisations.

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This is your opportunity…

Working with Rocket Digital Media Ltd is a one of a kind opportunity for individuals that want to build and develop their own digital business. Whether you are a mum that wants to return to work, a graduate fresh out of university, or an individual that wishes to change their career path, we can offer you the chance to be your own boss and gain financial stability.

Our online magazines are a combination of local community information, including events, news and attractions, and easy to navigate business directories.

When you choose to run your own Your Town Networks’ magazine, you will receive:

• Your own dedicated magazine URL

• Logo/Design

• Business cards (500)

• 1 pop up banner

• 250 leaflets

• E-Newsletter

• Order forms

• Tailored media pack with sales packages

• Professional set up of social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter)

• Shade editorial; content feature/seasonal

• Content management system

• A two day induction and training course (SMS, revenue generation)

• Coaching calls – conference calls

• Back office training (updates can be done in house or through Head Office at extra cost)

For a monthly investment you can reach an unlimited customer demographic, build your own business, and generate outstanding profits.

Getting started is quick

We have over 150 dedicated URLs that are dedicated to towns and cities across the country, and when you join us we will build you a magazine dedicated to your location and sales arena. This will then be populated with engaging editorial and advertorial that can be used as commercial sales examples. Our Editor and Technicians manage the digital software and update the magazine when appropriate. We will also build and manage your social media pages, and create a generic e-newsletter for your new customers, which will be sent to our database of over 5,000 inboxes each month.

We offer a high-quality advertising product that has an extremely lucrative earning potential. Selling a digital product has many benefits – Technology is everywhere. Our online magazines can be accessed worldwide, on computers, smart phones and other technological devices. Such a wide demographic means that your clients can reach significantly more people than traditional advertising media methods would allow, and in a cost-effective way.

Every day there are more than one billion searches on Google, and in the UK alone, 36 million people use the Internet on a daily basis. This makes the Internet and Google specifically, one of the most effective marketing and communicative tools on the planet.

If you want to run your own business and achieve the perfect work/life balance…Take a leap of faith and call Joannah Bishop on: 01202 580200 for more information.